Pricing Elements

Note: This section is only for articles. Please contact here for quotations of white papers and web-copy.
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The pricing to any project is based on these factors:

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Royalty-free images and infographics carry a separate charge per piece.

The total price of all such creatives will be shared before final submission. It’ll be upon the client to accept or reject the usage of creatives after getting informed about the extra price.

Clients can also decide upon the extent of use of royalty-free images or infographics in the written assignment before signing the contract.

Clients are also free to arrange such creatives on their own.

SEO Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Simply put, it helps to rank your content high in search engine results. Specific keywords are researched and are used naturally in the written piece.

SEO is further divided into two types:

Generic SEO

This implies SEO optimization of just the primary keyword. The primary keyword can be given by the client or searched by the writer (myself).

Deep SEO

Deep SEO is a pinpoint mechanism of ranking high on SERPs (search engine results pages). It involves keyword density analysis of top five (or first page) results currently ranking for the intended primary keyword.

After careful analysis, the content is optimized for 3-5 secondary keywords in addition to the primary keyword. Notably, keyword research analysis will be accomplished by SE ranking.

As already stated, SEO helps to land you high on search results, but it doesn’t guarantee the content to secure page one in SERPs.

Because search ranking depends on many other factors, including Domain Authority of your website, number and quality of backlinks, existing competition for the same keyword, etc.

If you still have any doubts regarding SEO, follow this guide for a quick go-through.

On-page SEO optimization will be done with the Yoast SEO or RankMath if a client doesn’t state any other choice before the commencement of work.

For any other SEO utility, the client will have to arrange for the subscription, if it’s not available for free.

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Research is the heart of quality content. It’s further divided into two categories:

Basic Research

Basic research signifies taking out the supplement information from websites without caring for their domain authority (DA). They can be high authority sites like IBM or any other site to say.

Advanced Research

Advanced research means citing high authority sites like Forbes, The Verge, PC mag, etc. In such a case, citations will be taken from a website having website authority (as measured by ahrefs) greater than 75.

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One size doesn’t fit all suits this scenario the best. Price greatly varies depending upon the topic’s difficulty, your expectations, and content requirements among other things. So, I usually get detailed information before quoting any price.

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Note: I don’t take rush work, no matter the offered price. Simply put, I like working at my own pace to create content of value. So, expect a 2-3 days turnaround for 900-1500 words, depending upon the topic and the research requirements.